Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Eating Season Arrives.......

It's back. That season when everyone is tempting you to destroy your careful eating plan with cookies and stuffing and other goodies that show up in mass quantities this time of year.

Remember that your eating plan is for YOU, not your friends and relatives. You do not owe it to anyone to overeat or consume things that are bad for you. "Polite" does NOT mean consuming things you would not otherwise eat so you can tell your host how much you like it. It also does not mean overeating so your host can feel successful. It does mean being appreciative of the things you can eat comfortably and enjoying your meal.

On the flip side, there is temptation. Some part of you really wants that pumpkin pie or that stuffing, even after you are beginning to feel as stuffed as the turkey. It can be difficult to remember how bad it will feel later when you have eaten a plateful of things you are not accustomed to in quantities you rarely consume. Do treat your inner child to a taste of whatever you love. Don't feel obligated to overdo it--don't eat a whole slice of pie or a whole serving of stuffing. If you pace yourself and taste everything that really tempts you, you can enjoy your healthy holiday and feel good about having limited your indulgence.

This is the time of year to challenge yourself--indulge in a taste or three and walk away. Don't deprive yourself. You already know where that will lead. Do question the desire to eat the whole cookie or the whole slice of pie. Instead, slowly savor each taste and let the flavors linger. Ignore the rushed eating around you as you remain mindful of seldom-indulged flavors and textures. Walk away contented and unstuffed. Ignore the spoken or unspoken messages that you have not eaten enough. Contentment comes more from controlling your eating than consuming everything in sight.

If you need a little help in achieving this delicate balance, Center for Conscious Living is here. A little mental support and a dose of hypnosis to strengthen your resolve can help you avoid frustration and enjoy your holiday fully. Call us at 630-249-1983 or e-mail Dr. Low to schedule an appointment. Enjoy a free brief phone consultation prior to scheduling.

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