Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Exciting news: New Article Published

I had the pleasure of working with Irving Kirsch, PhD on an article for the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis on a pet topic of mine-- why psychotherapy is superior to medication in the treatment of depression. Dr. Kirsch has been the author of many meta-analyses (taking the results of various research studies and combining them to increase the effect size and draw general conclusions)( The Emperor's New Drugs , Irving Kirsch: Deja Vu all Over Again , Listening to Prozac and Hearing Placebo).

The conclusion of these many studies continues to be that antidepressant medications involve a high risk of side effects with little potential for gain, while psychotherapy, including psychotherapy using clinical hypnosis, is safer and more effective. I enjoying being part of the following article and offer it for your edification:

Suggestion in the Treatment of Depression

Irving Kirsch, Carol B. Low
American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Vol. 55, Iss. 3, 2013


Meta-analyses consistently reveal that most of the response to antidepressant treatment can be obtained by placebo, and the difference between response to the drug and the response to any treatment is not clinically significant for most individuals diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Furthermore, the best predictor of antidepressant efficacy is the response to placebo during the so-called placebo run-in period. It can also be shown that a significant portion of the placebo effect is expectancy. These data thus indicate that suggestion is a central factor in treating depression. Therefore, the use of hypnosis, which is based on suggestion, as a treatment adjunct can be expected to enhance treatment outcome.

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